Roadworthy, new eatery styled after food trucks, holds open house

On Monday evening, August 7, a new eatery named Roadworthy held an open house. It began operations a few weeks ago, at the intersection of Washington Street and Eastbrook Road, near the West Roxbury line.

Hosted by owner-operator Geoffrey Janowski, two of his grown children (Lida and Tom), and guest-chef Brian Sway from Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton, the event allowed visitors to chat with restaurant staff and sample the fare. Offerings included cheese pizza, corn puppies and porchetta (Italian pork roast) sandwiches with broccoli and provolone.

About halfway through the event, State Representative Paul McMurtry of Dedham welcomed Geoffrey Janowski to town and presented him with a proclamation from the State House. Selectman Mike Butler also formally wished Janowski well in this venture.
Janowski then spoke about the inspiration for Roadworthy, saying it is based on successful food truck concepts and features both classic and non-traditional recipes he has created after being a chef in other restaurants. He noted the emphasis was on bringing out the flavor of the selections via unusual combinations and spices.

Other Dedham officials also stopped by, including Assistant Town Manager Nancy Baker, Dedham Economic Development Director John Sisson, Building Commissioner Ken Cimeno and Planning Board member Bob Aldous.

The decor is meant to complement the menu and suggest a relaxed environment. For kids there are dozens of match-box cars to play with, and adults can check out the bent license plates from across the U.S. that hold the menus. A banjo with a Pontiac hubcap as its main component adorns one corner of the eatery, and a black-and-white photo of the children in the extended Janowski family from about 20 years ago occupies one entire wall.

[Serving breakfast items including biscuit sandwiches, pastries and coffee. Serving sandwiches, salads, soups at lunch/dinner. Open six days a week from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and closed Mondays. Located at 125 Washington Street, at the corner of Eastbrook Road. Formerly the site of Heirloom Kitchen. For more details, please visit or call 781-329-3663.]

Pictured here: Tom Janowski and his father, Geoffrey Janowski, at Roadworthy’s open house on August 7. Tom helps with the restaurant’s website, while Geoffrey is the owner and operator.